How weatherproof is your speaker?


In the world of portable Bluetooth speakers some are waterproof, others are water-resistant, and some devices are weatherproof. This begs the question. Is weatherproof also waterproof?

With so many weather-related terms, it’s no wonder some people get confused. This guide will help explain the relationship between water, weather, and speakers. First, we’ll take a look at the IP water resistance rating system. Afterward, we’ll look at waterproof speakers and permanent outdoor options.

What environment are you using the waterproof speaker in?
Third, consider the environment you intend to use it in. Some waterproof speakers are marketed as rugged. It’s constructed with materials such as rubber and hard plastic. Therefore, these materials allow them to be used in harsher environments without having to worry about dents and scratches.

How to shop for outdoor speakers
In most cases, outdoor speakers are wired. They usually connect to a receiver where the volume and audio inputs are controlled. If you’re looking for outdoor audio, there are some things to consider.

First, decide how many you need. While most outdoor speakers come in a pair, there are multi-packs available. The amount you need generally depends on the area you plan to cover. Just know that you can always add additional speakers later on.

Second, decide where you plan to mount or place outdoor speakers. The placement usually depends on the wiring. In any case, they can be mounted directly to a wall. This makes it easier to run wiring in a neat and orderly fashion.

Finally, decide on the style of outdoor speaker that matches your area. They range in shape, size, and features. If you’re looking to blend it into your outdoor environment, consider outdoor rock speakers. These look like granite landscaping rocks and are perfect for outdoor entertainment spaces.

How weatherproof is your speaker?
Outdoor speakers are an excellent choice for people looking to place them in a permanent location. Generally, these are marketed as all-weather. This means they are constructed from UV and rust-resistant material. Rest assured, they won’t be affected by the sun or rain.

Portable speakers are great because they are battery-powered and can be used in multiple locations. This gives users a lot of flexibility in various weather conditions.

No matter what type of speaker you get, it’s important to know how it will perform outdoors in the elements. For the most part, the IP rating should tell you everything you need to know. Most portable waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be submerged in water. Conversely, outdoor speakers are designed to withstand both sun and water exposure from a fixed, permanent position.

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