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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Decent box!

      Hello All. The box is decent but has a surprisingly low level of bass being that it has an 8" subwoofer advertised. It was fine for us though. The sound that comes out of this unit is perfectly fine otherwise. I like the fact that it has a function that lowers the music when speaking into the microphone. We thought that was a pretty cool function. The lights are nice but I like that you can turn them off if you are in a more formal setting and don't need the lights as distractions. The box can also be mounted to speaker tripods as well. It does come with a wired microphone which we would have liked wireless but not a deal breaker.

      Jesse James
      Great Campfire/BBQ/Party Speaker

      Love it. Have since moved up to bigger ones, but this was my first like it, and I'll still use it when I only need that size. We take it out to the campfire, or to events. Was super pleased, and I think most people would like it. Sits on a speaker stand if you have one, and is just the right size/volume for a little get-together. Good battery life, and you can turn the led lights off for longer run time. I've had smaller units with lights that go to the music like this, but you couldn't turn them off, and it drained the battery. The lights are pretty badass, but you don't always want them. Especially if you're going on battery power for a while. I think it's priced well for what you get, and that's saying a lot these days, let me tell you. I haven't tested out all the karaoke features and all that. I just love using it as a bluetooth speaker, and the few features on it that I need. The karaoke stuff is just an added bonus, and doesn't seem to make it cost more than a plain speaker that size would cost, without it. So, that's a win, in my book ??

      Kristopher Goldstein
      LOUD and I mean LOUD

      If you are looking for a single speaker that you could hear during a tornado this is the one for you, at high volume this will rock your ear drums and for the price it is great quality! This one is truly wireless unless you are charging the battery and the mic is very clear, also the led light adds a nice ambience, 5 stars!

      It's okay

      Works without it being plugged in at the same time, as long as it's charged. Colors are nice. Needs more bass but it's a bit loud but not as much

      No bass but the microphone works great

      + The led lights are really cool. You can have them on or off depending on if you're feeling the dance party vibe.
      + It's easy to set up and start using it.
      + You can hear your singing through the speaker pretty well.
      + It has a mic primary function for events so you can speak and the music goes very quiet allowing them to hear you.
      + I like that there's both Bluetooth and aux inputs. You can also run it from a SD card or a USB cable.

      - There's hardly any bass.

      If the music cuts out when you're singing into the microphone, there is a button on the back that says, "MIC.PRI" (for microphone primary). Press this so it pops out and that will allow you to have both the music and the microphone. It took us a little bit to figure this out but now we see it as a valuable feature.

      Diamond's Star Rating System (What do my star ratings mean?):
      1 STAR - Completely unusable, would request a refund
      2 STAR - Meets minimum viable product requirements, wouldn't purchase it again
      3 STAR - It does what it should, but in a non-spectacular way, I may recommend it, but definitely with reservations
      4 STAR - I like it. It is solid quality and delivers as advertised, I would purchase it again and recommend it to a friend
      5 STAR - I love it. It meets or exceeds all of my expectations and is high quality, I would purchase it again and would openly promote it to friends