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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews

      Amazing sounds!

      Exceptional value

      The speakers on this website are a fantastic value. They're affordable, but the quality is still exceptional.

      Jennifer Adams
      Powerful little Machine

      This thing is pretty great! Sound qualities amazing. The bass is massive. And its way too loud! Bought it for my 18 year old, mechanic son, for when he's working in the garage. And sometimes I get mad at myself for even buying it because he'll be outside, speaker bumpin', and I'll be in the house not even be able to hear someone 10 feet away. Other times It's my T.V I can't hear. So when I say it's loud, I mean it's loud. Probably don't buy it for a young kid to bump in his room unless you're planning a dance party! Otherwise you'll be kept up at night, that's for sure. But a great little machine. 5 out of 5 stars

      Shannon E. Morgan
      Great quality!

      Great product for the money. We use it at my sons baseball games for walk up songs and music. Love it!


      Great sound quality! I bought this for my sons 20th birthday, he absolutely loves it. He races motocross and has taken it to the track a few times. He asked for one of these for a while, but I didnt want to spend a small fortune for something that I knew was going to get tossed around. This speaker can absolutely compete with the big brand names, for a fraction of the price. Durable enough to withstand my son and his friends. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago, they left it in the rain. My son said they actually dumped water out of it, because it rained so hard. I was getting ready to throw it away. I thought for sure it was ruined. Its been sitting for a couple weeks, so took a chance and plugged it in today and it worked perfectly. The lights came on, sound quality still there. I am very impressed. Im not sure how far the Bluetooth signal goes. We havent used the guitar or radio features, so I cannot speak of those. Mic and Bluetooth work great. Im purchasing another, to sync them together! HIGHLY recommend.